DRAC 5 console access on Server 2008 with IE9

Horseshit... It refuses to work in FireFox5, even with the instructions I found detailing how to extract the plugins and manually install it. So, IE it is...

It's doable, but it's a stupid ugly pain in the ass. I assume if you're trying to do this, you know how to use a computer, so the instructions are basic.

  1. Disable IE Protected mode
  2. Launch IE in 32bit mode
  3. Add the DRAC  IP to Trusted sites
  4. Reopen IE as admin and go to the DRAC console and connect
  5. Click install on the warning
  6. When nothing happens, hit refresh, and click install on the new warning
  7. Close and reopen IEx32 as admin
  8. Sign back in and it should work.