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It’s 2017 and ZFS STILL doesn’t have an API?!?

Why is it that, in 2017, with ZFS, –routinely called the most advanced file system in the world– I’m having to use awk to parse the status output from its built-in tools? Why is there STILL no documented, easily query-able API for me to use? The only way that there is for me to get Python to interact with ZFS is for me to use awkward wrappers with little to no documentation. There’s a bunch of undocumented APIs, but nothing that’s really usable for someone without advanced understanding of the platform. I just want to be notified when a drive dies, or starts having problems.
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ZFS on Linux NFS shares lost at reboot

On several occasions NFS has inexplicably stopped working with my ZFS shares under ZFS on Linux on Ubuntu Server 14.04×64. It seemed to happen every reboot, after checking the sharenfs property on each of the ZFS FS’ I found they were set properly, but still clients were getting access denied when trying to mount the share. Other times, even when they were able to re-mount the share they wouldn’t do so unless I manually triggered it.
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Compiling Mosh for OpenIndiana II

I recently wrote about compiling Mosh for OI, and ended by saying I couldn’t get it working. Thanks to the help from the list post I mentioned, I got it compiled, and was able to execute the binary. However, it didn’t work. Connecting to it failed always, and the compiled client just out the word “hangup” and then exited.
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Compiling Mosh for OpenIndiana

A buddy of mine has convinced me of the merits of Mosh, and I want to use it with my OpenIndiana file server. There’s no package for it, so I’ve got to compile from source. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, so it’s all a bit daunting. Coming from Ubuntu where installing things are generally never more complicated than ‘apt-get install $package’, having to do things the old fashioned way is a bit more difficult.
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Static IP on multiple NICs in OpenIndiana with NWAM

I wanted to set one of the NICs on my OI box to have a static since it’s got a direct connection to my ESX box, bypassing any switches, and directly linked to a VM on that machine. I routinely transfer large chunks of data (1-20GB files) from that VM to my OI box, so I wanted to completely move that off of my main network. The VM is a Windows box, and I have the NIC set statically to and wanted to set the OI box to .2. However, I couldn’t find a simple way to do it with ifconfig, and everything I found suggested disabling the NWAM service and switching to the old way of doing things, which is bad. Apparently.
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Migrating to OpenIndiana

I recently had a bunch of problems running ZFS on Ubuntu, and so since that is the FS I’ve decided on using for the foreseeable future, I wanted to move to something FOSS that was actually built to use it. I decided to go with OpenSolaris, and then found that that has been Oracled, and now there is OpenIndiana. There’s a few things that I really like about OI, but a lot of minor gripes.
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Modifying files over CIFS or SMB (Samba) shares on OpenIndiana 151a

I was hit by an apparent bug in OpenIndiana that was fixed in an older release of Solaris which doesn’t fully set permissions when you use the default chmod in OI.  Because of this, I couldn’t delete or modify files via the CIFS shares, and possibly the AFP shares. I say possibly because as soon as I found the fix, I shotgunned it across my data directory, and now the permissions appear to be fixed. Logging in locally via SSH was fine, but via SMB/CIFS only adding files worked.

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