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Nginx 502 Bad Gateway after Ubuntu Upgrade

So I finally tracked down about 6 different errors that were keeping my VPS running  Ubuntu 14.04 instead of something more recent. One of the main errors was due to a system misconfig by my VPS host OVH. After getting that fixed, vexed with frustration and carelessly impatient, I upgraded all the installed packages and ended up taking all the sites I host on this VPS down for the last 10 hours.
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It’s 2017 and ZFS STILL doesn’t have an API?!?

Why is it that, in 2017, with ZFS, –routinely called the most advanced file system in the world– I’m having to use awk to parse the status output from its built-in tools? Why is there STILL no documented, easily query-able API for me to use? The only way that there is for me to get Python to interact with ZFS is for me to use awkward wrappers with little to no documentation. There’s a bunch of undocumented APIs, but nothing that’s really usable for someone without advanced understanding of the platform. I just want to be notified when a drive dies, or starts having problems.
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File server permissions change auditing.

We’ve had some issues with admins improperly applying permissions in the past, and in recent times as well. Because of this, we’ve decided that maintaining permissions change logging to determine who it is that’s having issues learning how to apply permissions can get some extra training on how to appropriately set file ACEs. The issue with doing this is that it generates ~40GB of compressed Windows logs daily, or closer to 100GB uncompressed.  So, how can we use PowerShell to parse through the binary logs, store the info we need, and then get rid of the relatively gigantic evtx files?
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ZFS on Linux NFS shares lost at reboot

On several occasions NFS has inexplicably stopped working with my ZFS shares under ZFS on Linux on Ubuntu Server 14.04×64. It seemed to happen every reboot, after checking the sharenfs property on each of the ZFS FS’ I found they were set properly, but still clients were getting access denied when trying to mount the share. Other times, even when they were able to re-mount the share they wouldn’t do so unless I manually triggered it.
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Exchange 2013 2007 CoExistence Frozen Transport Queues

We’re in the middle of an Exchange 2007 to 2013 On Premise migration, and we haven’t been having the best time. After a major mail crash in 2011, every time we’ve attempted to move off the recovered server, either to Exchange 2010 or to a freshly built Exchange 2007 setup, we’ve encountered major, migration stopping issues.
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Full home audio without iTunes

I want to have speakers in every room of my house, and I want them to be able to play the same stations, or different ones. Basically I want to have digital FM radio across the whole house, so that as I walk from the living room, to the back yard the music doesn’t skip a beat. This is currently offered by Sonos at a ridiculous price, and was offered until 2012 by Logitech, with Squeezebox at a less ridiculous price. Squeezebox being discontinued, I’m not willing to sink my money or time into that, and Sonos is too expensive.
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