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A note on Google Analytics


None of the data collected is shared with Google or their partners, nor with any other products within Google. I get the info, that’s it.

Obviously the +1 button does not fall into this category. ++ing something clearly sends information to Google and is linked with your account.

Modifying files over CIFS or SMB (Samba) shares on OpenIndiana 151a

I was hit by an apparent bug in OpenIndiana that was fixed in an older release of Solaris which doesn’t fully set permissions when you use the default chmod in OI.  Because of this, I couldn’t delete or modify files via the CIFS shares, and possibly the AFP shares. I say possibly because as soon as I found the fix, I shotgunned it across my data directory, and now the permissions appear to be fixed. Logging in locally via SSH was fine, but via SMB/CIFS only adding files worked.

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MigrateWinsockConfiguration could not be located in the dynamic link library MSWSock.dll

So, I was given the task of figuring out why Outlook will not connect to Exchange for an executive. The obvious quickfix of setting a new profile up kept reporting that Exchange is offline. A quick check the event logs, tonnes of  Userenv errors, event ID 1053:

Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. (The RPC protocol sequence is not supported. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

This means that we can’t properly complete the RPC call, and suggests that network communication is having issues. So, let’s see if there’s any other evidence of problems with the machine’s networking. First, let’s see if we can get the machine’s name out of it. Open cmd, hostname: Continue reading MigrateWinsockConfiguration could not be located in the dynamic link library MSWSock.dll

DRAC 5 console access on Server 2008 with IE9

Horseshit… It refuses to work in FireFox5, even with the instructions I found detailing how to extract the plugins and manually install it. So, IE it is…

It’s doable, but it’s a stupid ugly pain in the ass. I assume if you’re trying to do this, you know how to use a computer, so the instructions are basic.

1. Disable IE Protected mode
2. Launch IE in 32bit mode
3. Add the DRAC  IP to Trusted sites
4. Reopen IE as admin and go to the DRAC console and connect
5. Click install on the warning
6. When nothing happens, hit refresh, and click install on the new warning
7. Close and reopen IEx32 as admin
8. Sign back in and it should work.


Something to be said for simplicity…

I’m not a fan of SonicWall or Juniper networking gear, because I find them to be needlessly complex and overpriced for their functionality. Due to this lack of appreciation, I’m not familiar with them because I’ve focused more on other platforms.  My distaste for those devices was heightened recently when I was flown to a client’s office because their old firewall had just decided it would no longer pass network traffic. I got there a little after midnight and met the client who had been waiting around since about 5:00. I wanted to get the internet and remote management up and running as quick as possible so that we could let the client go home. Then I’d just finish off the configuration from my hotel. Continue reading Something to be said for simplicity…

Can’t open programs after cleaning virus

I recently received an email from a co-worker that said Malwarebytes was the source of a particularly vexing problem that’s been encountered recently. The problem is that once someone has been infected with one of those fake Security Centre viruses, and subsequently cleaned and rebooted, no programs will launch. This didn’t sit right with me, so I decided to investigate a bit. I’ve confirmed that Malwarebytes is not the cause of this issue. Well, at least not directly.

By confirmed I mean that the root cause of the issue is present before any anti-malware work is done on a computer that will eventually exhibit this issue. I’ve tested this on three machines that were infected, one accidentally infected physical machine and on two purposefully infected VM’s (XP and 7) I have.

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Censorship vs. community standards online

Specifically, on messageboards.

I’m a pretty prolific poster on several different internet messageboards, and on every one of them, invariably someone says something that a moderator does not like, that the majority of the board doesn’t like, that is mind numbingly stupid/sexist/homophobic/racist/etc. The immediate reaction by the majority of the moderators is to either delete the offending post, edit the offending post, or ban the user.

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Saga of Data-Loss induced paranoia.

My current setup leaves a lot to be desired, specifically due to the fact that I’ve yet to purchase a proper RAID controller and am instead using softRAID, which has many shortfalls. One of those is the fact that while I do have a live redundant copy of all data stored on that array, when one disk dies, as recently happened to me, there is no way to rebuild the array through the software management. Instead, I have to boot up, umount the now single disk, dd if=<working disk> of =<new disk>, reboot, enter RAID setup, rebuild the array, and then remount the new array to the old position. Not something I’m too worried about, since it doesn’t happen that often, but since I can’t leave well enough alone, when it happened this time I decided to reorganize my entire file system, install the server version of Ubuntu, and move everything around in a way that will, ostensibly, give me much more room for expanding my storage space.

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