Teaching the world through punk rock

In the last while I’ve been reading a lot about copyrights and how companies are totally convinced that people are too fucking stupid to be able to tell the difference between Apple Computers and Apple Records and the like.

This makes me think about the Subhumans. Which Subhumans you ask? Exactly. Generally speaking, the people who care or know anything are cognizant enough to know that there are two distinctly different entities which both hold similar titles. There’s the Canadian Subhumans and then there’s Subhumans UK or Sub Hum Ans. It’s not like either of these bands has every played a show and confused their potential audience that they might be the other one, at least not to my knowledge.It’s fucking retarded that this shit doesn’t extend to the “real world.” It’s an insult to people that companies can file a law suit against someone who is playing off of their name or using some artwork that is similar, and have it win because it could “potentially confuse customers.”

A while ago Microsoft sued Mike Rowe, a dude who wrote software, for having a website called www.mikerowesoft.com. That shit isn’t confusing to people, it’s just a decent way for some kid to generate a bit of publicity. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and all that.

And it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Now we’ve got Wal-Mart suing over copyright infringement over someone using the fucking happy face? Are you serious? The world’s biggest corporation is worried that some asshole redneck is going to see a happy face on some sign outside of a convenience store and think that it’s a fucking Wal-Mart? Get the fuck out of here. I want to burn the world to the core when I hear about shit like that. It’s fucking ludicrous.

People are stupid, no doubt about it. But they’re not THAT stupid.

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  1. i believe the earth’s core IS burning already isnt it???if you could just light the outside on fire that’d be great.

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