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Morrissey sucks. Anyone who likes this assclown has serious fucking issues. I’m all for depressing music, but not when it’s straight up whining. Fuck Morrissey and the Smiths. 

  • Fuck em!

  • I’m never getting drunk on the phone with you now. You like the Dandy Warhols.. Pop music homo…

  • Sorry James, but the Smiths suck ballz.

  • Anonymous

    fuck YEAH the smiths suck balls!#

    i thought maybe liking morrisissy was a bartlet house thing.

    swell to hear it’s not.


    ps. anyone want a blodge-jongler!?


  • Anonymous

    That whiny sap needs a dirt nap.

  • He’s gotta perish on pay per view

  • Right on, Tesco. Right on.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck You Moz rules. The Smiths did kinda suck–everything they did sounded like either U2 or the Pogues to me, but solo Moz is fucking great, the live shit anyway.