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Nginx 502 Bad Gateway after Ubuntu Upgrade

So I finally tracked down about 6 different errors that were keeping my VPS running  Ubuntu 14.04 instead of something more recent. One of the main errors was due to a system misconfig by my VPS host OVH. After getting that fixed, vexed with frustration and carelessly impatient, I upgraded all the installed packages and ended up taking all the sites I host on this VPS down for the last 10 hours.
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Migrating to OpenIndiana

I recently had a bunch of problems running ZFS on Ubuntu, and so since that is the FS I’ve decided on using for the foreseeable future, I wanted to move to something FOSS that was actually built to use it. I decided to go with OpenSolaris, and then found that that has been Oracled, and now there is OpenIndiana. There’s a few things that I really like about OI, but a lot of minor gripes.
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