A few old EPs people should find

Detonators - Emergency Broadcast System/Yer Child's War 7"
Kinda Stretch Marks-y. Guitar sounds kinda Jerry's Kids crunchy, vocals are what makes me think Stretch Marks. They're on the "All For One...And One For All" comp. From San Francisco, this came out in 1985, they did a bunch of other stuff that I'm not too familiar with and am currently trying to track down. I haven't heard the first LP, but I don't recall the rest of their stuff being nearly as good as this is.

KFTH has more info HERE  

Jerry's Kidz - Well Fed Society
New Mexico, 1983, totally rips. That's Life is catchy as fuck and is another one of those stage dive onto your bed songs. I'm not sure why, but it makes me think of MIA. 5 songs, all good. Some noodly solos and leads throughout the songs, totally fits. Kinda Gang Greeny in that respecy but not in any other.

Manic Depressives - Silence On The Radio
Three tracks of super catchy punk rock. New Orleans 1980. The B-Side Going Out With The In Crowd has been one of my favourite songs since I first heard it on some KBD type comp a few years back. The other two tracks are good catchy happyish stuff, but don't stand out as much when you compare it to the flipside of the record.