Album review: Inepsy - City Weapons

Album review: Inepsy - City Weapons

Another batch of dynamite. This time it starts out with a bunch of people screaming and about to get blown to bits by some kind of bomb, an Invading City Weapon of sorts. The first song is a killer instrumental that as far as I can tell is about you realizing your city is about to be destroyed and needing to get to your motorcycle.

I could be wrong, cause there's no lyrics, but that's how I take it. When the last bomb hits you think you're done with these city weapons, but no; you're back for another dose. Only this time the City Weapons aren't invading, they're already there. They're still killing you, but right now they're just some kind of bomb. Big bombs to be sure, but you're not sure of what kind of bomb they are. It doesn't really matter because regardless of what kind of bomb it is you're still running down the dirty streets of whatever city you're in dodging the pieces of falling flaming rubble. It's kinda like Ghost Busters, but without the marshmallow. So you reach a safe haven, and there's no more falling rubble. You're happy, you're about to sit down and light up your last cigarette as you see another plane fly overhead, you put your cigarette back into your pocket and get up to run again. It's no use, it's the fucking Mother of All Bombs.

The Massive Ordinance Air Blast, that shit is the biggest bomb that they make other than nuclear weapons. That's what this record has got to so far. It's become the biggest explosive device set to destroy everything without radiating the shit out of it. So they drop this shit, BOOM, somehow you survive and manage to get to your motorcycle. You hop on that thing and it's all black and chromey and rad. You light up your cigarette, flip the collar of your leather jacket up, and slam that kickstart down so hard that the street around you cracks. Those cracks travel to the buildings beside you, you flick your cigarette to the side, scream out "Ride Til I Die!" and peel off as the stone begins to crumble. The camera cuts to behind you as you rip off, and then a big huge chunk of gargoyle, probably the head with an evil look falls right where you used to be. So you're ripping down the highway on yourInferno Machine and all you can think of is making it across that bridge on the front cover. If you can make it out of the city you'll be fine. This is it, the big one, if you don't get out you're fucked. You're racing along, and there's no stopping you. You're almost there, you're so close... What's this? Two asshole pickup trucks from some rival gang are gonna try and knock you down. Motherfuckers are gonna try to steal your bike?

FUCK THAT. You're gonna unleashThe Fury of Destruction on them pulling out your sawed off you blast a hole clean through both of the people in both of the trucks and then totally open up the gas and rip away. This is it, you're in the clear, you're ripping along, nothing's holding you back. You're about toBreak The Chain, totally escape, and you're feeling good. It's open highway for miles and miles. Nothing can stop you now. It's 106 miles to safety, You've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and you're wearing sunglasses. The bombs are exploding non stop in the background but you don't give a shit. Why? Because you're listening to this record as you rip along.Bombshell Rock comes on and you realize you're safe. You're not ripping frantically away from impending death anymore. Now you're just cruising, and it rules. The bassline and the solo are driving you to keep going faster and faster, and soon you realize that you're ripping along with the gas fully open and the trees and road signs whipping by you at a blur.

I tried writing No Order Disorder into the rest of the story, but it just didn't work. I Tried a few times, and it just wouldn't fit. The song rules, and all, I just don't know where it would put you after you just fled a burning city that was being destroyed as you ripped away. It's a good song and it ends abruptly. However, it does lead into the best song on the record, and in my eyes Inepsy's best song thus far.

The Last Call, is amazing. It's the perfect closer to this record, to a party, to a show, to whatever. This song is what I'm going to end my next few mixed CD's with. Sorry to ruin the surprise, but it's so perfect. It's the kind of song that I just lose myself in. It totally grabs me and gets me all head nodding and fist in the air-y. It's a perfect "Hey dude, we get it."All in all it's the perfect followup to Rock'n'Roll Babylon. The guitars push you on and the bass totally drives it. It's dirty, it's ripping, and it's everything that I wanted it to be. If you liked the first record you won't be disappointed in this one. If you're an idiot and didn't like the first LP you're an idiot and I don't care about your opinion.You can get it here: Feral Ward