Beastmilk - Climax

Beastmilk - Climax

A few weeks ago someone told me to check out Climax by Beastmilk, and I was mister cool guy I'll check it out some time whatever. A friend reminded me to check it out three days ago, and aside from the subway ride home that day, I've yet to listen to anything else.


Aside from one song which I'm not 100% on, I love everything about this record. I wanted to get that out of the way so that I can talk about why it is I love this record so much. It's got a bit of everything from my favourite bands. It's got the Misfits/Sisters of Mercy-esque vocals; the early goth/post-punk constant super reverby guitar lead and bass driven everything; the song titles and the lyrics I've deciphered are perfectly dark; it's got the clapclap-claps all over the place; it's fucking great.

I started listening to it at work and then decided that I didn't want to do that; I wanted to be able to sit at home and just listen to it by myself. Loudly. On Repeat. Forever. Without distraction. Like I did when I first started listening to punk rock.

The first song is the single and has a video, thee second song continues in much the same way. The opening of the third song was initially where I thought things might be going to a more Christian Deathy way, which bummed me out because the catchiness of the first two songs was so good. Thankfully, nope. It goes back to awesome melodic death rock, but this time there's clapclap claping and I fucking love that shit.

Here's a quote from a friend who I told to listen to this record "Genocidal Crush?! Are you kidding me? I've listened to this 3 times now." That's totally accurate. More people need to be excited about music more often. I bet the singalong at shows is amazing. Same with the clapclap clappy part in You Are Now Under Our Control breakdown sinalong dance off. Fuck you, this record rules.

Ghosts Out of Focus is where I go get a beer.

Fear Your Mind is where I am back and dancing in my awkward swaying not circle pitting dance thing and not drinking my beer. It's also where I start really appreciating the production on the album.

The next three songs are more of the same, excellent melodic death rock with slick, but not too slick production. If the record has one problem it's that the songs form possibly too cohesive of an album. They all fit together so well that there's nothing that's an extreme standout. I guess I'm saying that the album kind of blurs together, but that sounds like it could be a bad thing, and I don't think it is here.

Get it.