Mini reviews (Black Jack, Sons of Ishmael, Judas Priest, Artistic Decline)

Black Jack - Black Jack
You can't get this record anymore, and if you don't have it you lose. It's awesome. Some dudes from somewhere, out on Estrus whatever records. Probably the best thing, maybe the only good thing that came out on that label. 21 songs, 23 minutes. Catchy quick songs with cowboy hats and Jack daniels.

Sons Of Ishmael - Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice

Another Ebay record. I got it for $15 after shipping. The recording sucks. The songs are awesome. 1980's Canadian hardcore/punk rock. 2 Secret songs on it, both are awesome. Typical lyrics the church is bad, Elvis is about money, cops are out to fuck you over, etc. Totally good. 14 songs, 18 minutes. Great buy if you can get over how assy the recording quality is. It sounds like it was recorded in a box made of crap with one mic; but the songs are really good.

Judas Priest - Angel Of Retribution
Crap-tacular. Two good songs, maybe. The rest of it is sucks. Next.

Artistic Decline - Random Violence
Goddamn this is good. 1987, LA. Melodic punk rock. One song on the Life Is So Boring Why Not Steal This Record comp. Dunno much else about them, they get kinda weird and arty towards the middle of the record and then go back to being pretty straight forward punk rock with some weird experimental feel to it. Worth getting.

Coming soon, real reviews and maybe some babbling.