My Top 10 records of 2013

A bunch of these aren't from 2013, but I got into them/heard them for the first time this year so it counts. I'm not including the tripping balls music I like on here because I still want to appear to be cool to my punk friends.


10. Dude from Hope Con's not Hope Con Bands

What's his head from Hope Con has a bunch of other bands that released albums that I didn't know about because I don't post on the B9 board as much as I should anymore. But, I got into them this year thanks to the magic of automated music recommendations that are generally much better than all my friends who've got gigantic musical skeletons in their closets like the Smiths, the Clash and other assorted garbage that taint their opinions of what good music are. Anyhow, All Pigs Must Die and Bars are both awesome. Bars is garagey punky angry drunk music, APMD are what metalcore should refer to: Actual metal played by hardcore dudes. Not that chunky shit that made people dance like crabs.

9. Radkey - Devil Fruit

This isn't as good as the other 7" they put out this year, but it's still awesome. 3 Home-schooled brothers from BF, Missouri decided that there weren't enough bands that played catchy punk with Misfits style vocals that didn't suck and fixed that situation.

8. Boston Strangler - Primitive

Remember those few parts in those Strung Up records where they were almost super good and then weren't after? This is what those parts grew up into. Tough punk/hardcore face punch.

7. Destruction Unit - Deep Trip

"Hey Robbie, everything else on here is super catchy and pretty straight forward poppy stuff, considering its genre. Didn't you like No Trend and Pissed Jeans back in the day?"

"Fuck you, yes I do. Go listen to this and get annoyed and love it."

6. Red Dons - Assorted 7"s

Remember the Speds and the Observers? Good, go get these records too because they're the same record but better and as good. If you don't remember those bands, you're probably not my target audience and you probably had shitty taste in music five years ago.

5. Holy Terror - Terror and Submission

This record definitely didn't come out this year, and I definitely didn't get into it for the first time this year, but it rules and not enough people listen to this band. Awesome thrash metal with super rad singy/growly vocals.

4. Radkey - Cat and Mouse

See above, but more betterer.

3. Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment

Blah blah new singer; record rules, fuck you. Sorry I slept on this.

2. Night Birds - Born to Die in Suburbia

They're still making good punk records apparently. American from somewhere, record reminds me of a modern version of Dead Kennedys for some reason, but less annoying and more appealing to me at 30 than Dead Kennedys currently are. Young kids should also like this record. Get it here

1. Power Trip - Manifest Decimation

Amazing 80s sounding death/thrash metal from Texas. Everything about this record destroys. The production is a cleaned up version of a shitload of old metal sounds raw and evil, but still comes across clearly. Best tune: Hammer of Doubt, so good I made a magical weapon for my D&D campaign with the same name and effects.