Nexus 4 Launch Failure Part 2

Then in addition to the problems I wrote about on Launch day, today Google starts mailing people to let them know they're going to be facing 3 week shipping delays. Everyone I know that purchased a Nexus 4 has received this email.

This would've been completely avoided had Google done the smart thing and allowed pre-ordering. Allow the pre-orders, find your device total for launch day, and send 10,000 less emails than the total, saying the device is on the way. Ship to those people first, then send out as you get more.

This is a customer service nightmare that impacts the most vocal group of Google and Android's fan base. People like myself who talk up the Nexus series at every chance, we're all eating crow and shutting our mouth. That's what happened when HTC started fucking over the mod community and the entire Android community started telling their friends to buy anything but HTC. That's not going to happen here, but it sure will make a lot of people think twice about preaching the benefits of the Nexus program if Google's incapable of launching a new version without pissing off everyone who's trying to order one.