Review: The Spades - Learnin' The Hard Way

Review: The Spades - Learnin' The Hard Way

Wow... This album is fucking great. Holy shit it fucking rips.

Take one part Candy Snatchers; throw in some Electric Frankenstein influenced vocals; jack up the tough factor by tossing in some Cocknoose style lyrics and attitude: and you've got a decent idea of how awesome this record is. Amazing rock'n'rolly punk rock out on Go-Kart records. It's got catchy as fuck fist in the air, punching assholes who spill your beer, sneering drunken haze songs and that's about it. That's a good thing in case you were wondering.

The first song starts out by talking about the dude's underage girlfriend and then goes on to say he's gonna kick your ass if you fuck with him. It really doesn't get much better. Some of the guitar riffs remind me of some of the better parts of Turbonegro's really good songs, but it's way too fucking tough to be considered Turbonegro-ish.

Fucking Europe dude, seriously... Europeans are putting North America to shame right now. There's so many good bands coming out of Europe right now and this is one of them.

Most of this record is shit that I really wish I was going through a really bad breakup while listening to. Something that made me really mad at my ex. It's really fucking good drinking alone and hating someone specifically music. I suppose I'll need to settle for getting drunk alone and hating the whole world instead.

Fucking buy this.