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dcpromo fails with An error with no description has occurred on Server 2008R2

While working to get rid of all our 2003/2008 DCs to get our AD to a 2012 Native level I came across one 2008 DC that was extremely difficult to rid ourselves of. It was created about a year ago to replace our 2003 FSMO master, and had been running without major issue since then. After building a new 2012 VM, and DCPromo’ing it, I transfered the FSMO roles to a stable server and set out to demote and decommission the 2008 machine. Upon running dcpromo from an admin shell, the system began to detect the ADDS binaries, and failed. The message it failed with was an extremely helpful “Failed to detect if Active Directory Domain Services binaries were installed. The error was: An error with no description has occurred.” Lovely.
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On Rob Ford

I’m very happy the fat fuck is out of office. He’s bad for Toronto in many ways. From his idiotic stance on mass transit, his shit take on bikes, giving Don Cherry an ounce of attention, trouncing worker’s right to strike, his stance on non-football related social services, his attempt to Americanize Toronto politics with idiotic partisan rhetoric, it’s all bad and I’m against him.
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Rant : Back Again…

Fuck Everything?
Again, yeah.

I’m pretty much still sick of shit and looking to find an outlet for my annoyance with just about everything.

I’m not really sure where I want to go with this but I figure that I’ll keep going with where the .com site left off. Same kinda thing, silly rants about shit that sets me off for no reason. Hopefully I’ll go a little further with it than I did last time, since now it’s free.

I figure this will cover everything from the debatably sad state of punk rock/hardcore, reviews, whatever, to flying airplanes, to the assholes who drive 10kph down Corydon for no apparent reason in the middle of the day. I don’t even live in Winnipeg anymore and these fuckers still piss me off.