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Verbal Abuse

So I went to Verbal Abuse on Friday and on Saturday, and despite everything I had a good time at both shows. Friday started by me driving out to Richmond to get fingerprinted so that I can go to school, then I went over to Eric from Direct Control/Government Warning and his girlfriend’s place to hang out and eventually go to the show. Now, this is something that will certainly alter my perceptions of how the show went. We started drinking at like 4:30, then went to the show for about 6:30 or 7 or something and I dunno about everyone else, but I was far from sober. By far from sober I mean totally fucking gooned. When we got to the venue I was totally taken aback by how many people there were there.
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Killed By Death stuff


Killed By Death radio!!! Amazing! 128kmp3 stream, so it’s not audiophile quality, but it is better than the radio stations of old. As far as I know it’s done by one of the bros on soulseek in the KBD room all of whom are pretty good with their obscure punk rock knowledge.

It’s totally awesome.

They just went from SVT – I Wanna See You Cry (an awesome powerpop song) to Project X – Straight Edge Revenge. That’s amazing.



Drunk Injuns – From Where The Sun Now Stands I Will Fight No More, Forever reissue

Rules. This record really reminds me of Personality Crisis. I’m super into it. It’s first gen socal skate rock. The reissue’s got a few bonus tracks by Ancestors: Gods of Sound which I know nothing about but based on members looks like the same band with a different drummer and basist(?). The first side is slow and creepy stuff, I was just sitting and reading the lyrics, and they’re not half bad. Nothing amazing, but a lot better than most of the skate rock stuff. It doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the skate rock stuff either. They were on one or two of the Thrasher skate Rock comps, but don’t seem like they really fit in with the group. It’s not full out balls to the walls fast hardcore. It seems too dark to go skateboarding. This is sitting in your room contemplating murderous rampages or shooting heroin music. Not busting out front side airs in pools music. That’s not totally fair, but most of the songs make me think about back alleys and drinking over skateboarding, which isn’t the case with most of the skate rock stuff.

Y-Camp is one of my favourite instrumentals ever. It’s super simple, but totally works. It’d be a great intro at a live show, and it doesn’t seem out of place in on the record. That starts off the second side perfectly. The second side is a little less creepy, but just as dark as the first. Plus it has the bonus tracks which are awesome. The two Ancestors: Gods of Sound are totally awesome. More straight up hardcore/punk rock than the rest of the record, they maintain sound but speed it up a bit. Then to close the record, a song recorded in 1997 by the Drunk Injuns called Juanita. It’s a slow acoustic number which sounds like it could be a pretty angry or tragic song based on the vocal patterns, until you pay attention to the words instead of how they’re sung and you realise that it’s a song about his Grandmother’s life. Good song, kinda weird album closer though.

You can get it through Alternative Tentacles.

Wild Cherry Pepsi
Is awesome. I’ve had like 4 cans of it today. That can’t be healthy.

Roger C Reale and the Rue Morgue – Radioactive

This is by far one of the best powerpop records I’ve ever heard. Incidentally I sought the record simply because of the one song that doesn’t really fit with the rest of the record. The song “Kill Me” which is on a few comps, and is totally a ripping punk rock song. It also started my latest poorly thought out and ill-financed ebay shopping spree. The rest of the record is super catchy powerpop. It’s all really tongue in cheek and sarcastic, which I enjoy immensely. It also features GE Smith from the Saturday Night Live band, and surprisingly it doesn’t fill me with rage and want to destroy the universe every time I think of that. I guess it’s because I don’t have to see his face, but man, if I had seen these guys live I probably would’ve fought him every time he played a lead. Great record, good lyrics, fun to listen to. Yep.

Mini reviews (Black Jack, Sons of Ishmael, Judas Priest, Artistic Decline)

Black Jack – Black Jack
You can’t get this record anymore, and if you don’t have it you lose. It’s awesome. Some dudes from somewhere, out on Estrus whatever records. Probably the best thing, maybe the only good thing that came out on that label. 21 songs, 23 minutes. Catchy quick songs with cowboy hats and Jack daniels.Sons Of Ishmael – Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice
Another Ebay record. I got it for $15 after shipping. The recording sucks. The songs are awesome. 1980’s Canadian hardcore/punk rock. 2 Secret songs on it, both are awesome. Typical lyrics the church is bad, Elvis is about money, cops are out to fuck you over, etc. Totally good. 14 songs, 18 minutes. Great buy if you can get over how assy the recording quality is. It sounds like it was recorded in a box made of crap with one mic; but the songs are really good.

Judas Priest – Angel Of Retribution
Crap-tacular. Two good songs, maybe. The rest of it is sucks. Next.

Artistic Decline – Random Violence

Goddamn this is good. 1987, LA. Melodic punk rock. One song on the Life Is So Boring Why Not Steal This Record comp. Dunno much else about them, they get kinda weird and arty towards the middle of the record and then go back to being pretty straight forward punk rock with some weird experimental feel to it. Worth getting.

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