Current Project

Work stuff, slow going.


Localizing Home Automation with SmartThings, and a smattering of local resources. I want all, or as many, of the niceties that HA offers, but I’m not so stoked on the idea of running everything in the cloud. I recognize the incongruity in this, that I’m triggering it with a Google Home  and that one of the commands is to stream Google Music to my house.

I want the following to happen:

  1. Say “OK Google play Nintendo:”
    1. Switch my Denon AVR-730H receiver to the game input
  2. Say “OK Google Start the Party:”
    1. Fade into a Hue lighting scene over the next hour
    2. Set my receiver to the ChromeCast Audio input
    3. Play Party Playlist on ChromeCast Audio speaker group
  3. Say “OK Google Start the Afterparty:”
    1. Change Hue lighting colour, but not brightness, over the next half hour
    2. Initiate a slow dim to 30% over the next two hours
    3. Set my receiver to the CC Audio input
    4. Play Afterparty Playlist on CC Audio speaker group
    5. Disable the next morning’s wake up routines on my Hue lights
  4. If I start watching a movie on Plex:
    1. Set Home mode to Movie
    2. Set living room lights to a warm temperature and 30% brightness
    3. Dim any other lights that are on to 20%
    4. Limit lights close to the living room to 40%
    5. Raise the living room lights to 40% on pause

Full home media centre with party mode. Read more here.
MPD.conf file
PulseAudio minimal – Note that if you already use PA, you should just be adding lines like the one mentioned in the config for each instance of mpd you’re running, IE one line for each radio station.

MPy3 Syncer